Tuesday, May 10, 2005

You think your life is out of control?

A wild kayak ride
Originally uploaded by Brite Lights photos.
SACRAMENTO, Calif. - So today features a tranquil morning, the email only carrying good news about writing assignments - no quick changes into Clark Kent, just a day of slogging through notes, legal challenges to the stem cell initiative California voters approved and getting back on the running trail, part of the Fitzgerald Fat Boy Program.

The program seems to be working - verrrrrrry close to five pounds down in three weeks, just with exercise and cutting out some starches I don't need anyway. And now I can get around my run without having to carry my cell phone in case I needed to call 911.

The kayaker in today's photo is actually out in the ocean, not the placid American River out my back door where I will soon be kayaking or Puerto Vallarta, where friends Bob and Karen O'Hara paddle about in a calm estuary that doesn't have white water, but it does feature 14-foot long crocodiles.

Tipping over in the ocean is one thing (just the occasional Great White Shark to worry about), in Puerto Vallarta visions of Captain Hook come to mind when you see one of those moving 'logs' going through the water, AGAINST the current!

(The photo is from the San Francisco Chronicle's site (www.sfgate.com) which features the best of the photos taken by their staff photogs.)

The running shoes are calling. Even Clark Kent has to exercise, it seems.

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