Thursday, May 19, 2005

No deadlines today, but thoughts of the boat

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - It's raining, pretty hard, and the American River is running at 18,000 cubic feet per second - up from 2,500 earlier in the week because this storm is supposed to dump a lot of rain (and snow in the mountains). No kayaking for me.

But the weatherman says by tomorrow afternoon, it will be 85 degrees and like Sacramento seems to do every spring, we go from winter to spring to summer in about week.

For the first time about two weeks, I didn't wake up to an imminent deadline for the my new writing job, just deadlines for stories due by the end of next week. Next week! Whoa, I'm a man of leisure.

But leisure never hangs around me very long, as just as soon as I realized I don't have an deadline, Sabbatical, sitting in the slip in San Diego comes back to my mind. Son Dustin, and friends Don and Victor, got her home safe from Mexico about two weeks ago, but there's still some cleanup/fixup before it's ready to show to a potential buyer. It is a boat, which besides being a hole in the water into which you pour money - lots of money - it also takes your time - lots of time.

But it's time for a run, rain or not, to see if I can beat my best time around my American River course.

And no deadline to come back to...

Rejoice, we conquer!

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