Sunday, May 22, 2005

Getting a jumpstart on my three-mile run

SACRAMENTO, along the American River - This photo was taken nearly a month ago, and one computer back. It was locked in the camera until I finally found the cables and, more important, the instruction book on how to make the thing work with the new operating system.

Like the governor, I'm baaaaaack.

Technology is a wonderful thing, but don't think it really saves you any time at all. Most of the modern conveniences that were supposed to make life easier for women who stayed at home did the opposite. It simply changed the standards and expectations. And now that the vast majority of American and Canadian women leave the house to work just like men, well, all those devices we can't live without require tending, too.

A food processor is a great thing. It slices and dices as good or better than the old Veg-a-matic from the late night TV ads.

But did you ever try to wash one of those goddamned things?

Jaysus. I think the Veg-a-matic had the advantage.

Time to take some photos of the rapidly rising American River. Folsom Lake was almost full last week so the great brains, fearing too much snow melt, are dropping the lake level so fast it has already wiped out the habitat of the beavers near the house, chased the wild turkeys onto the top of the levee and God only knows how many rattlesnakes are going to be paying visits in these next few days while the water goes up.

Hmmm... Best close the screen door right now.

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