Monday, May 09, 2005

Where is my Clark Kent outfit?

STATE CAPITOL BUILDING - A meeting of the Stem Cell Bond Finance Committee is on tap for this morning for which I will need to change from mild-mannered ship's captain to Clark Kent, ace reporter for the Bureau of National Affairs, Inc.

And if it doesn't sound like Watergate, or covering a tsunami, or Paula Abdul's latest fun venture, well, you just haven't been paying close attention.

Neither have I.

But this morning, with probably a dozen or so Sacramento media types I'll be attending a meeting at the capitol in which this committee will talk about selling the bonds to fund stem cell research - $3 billion in bonds. And, of course, there's a lawsuit about it too that factors into my story. Hell, it may be the story.

In the meantime, Sabbatical is safely back in San Diego, about which I'll write later. But after greeting the boat Saturday and spending two hours Sunday cleaning up a diesel mess in the engine room (while Sylvia and Don Tiffin fixed the aft toilet which was plugged - what a job!) I had a feeling I needed to be back on the ground in Sacramento this morning, so I flew out Sunday night.

Good thing.

In one of those wonderful karmic ironies, they needed volunteers to take a later flight because of overbooking, so I agreed - and got a $300 travel voucher.

A travel voucher, an assignment from BNA this morning, and it's a beautiful day out, too boot.

Up, up and away!

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