Friday, May 13, 2005

The politics have spun out of control

John Bolton
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SACRAMENTO, Calif. - It's a full day ahead of hearings and government and reporters and trying to find parking downtown where the meter maids (Excuse me! Parking attendants) are given special training in how to be cruel.

Luckily, I won't have to watch John 'Bully Boy' Bolton in action at all. I'll be watching Blue Cross officials explaining rate increases and then Gov. Arnold S. talking about how he is going to spend the extra money the state has taken in. He'll do that in a reportorial feeding frenzy, my first on site visit to the "May Revise" of the state budget.

All of this gets at credibility issues, like Bolton and so many others who seem to be able to speak convincingly with lies tumbling out of their mouths. Yesterday I wrote about a Sacramento columnist who might have played loose with the rules - and who paid the price by losing her job and going into journalistic exile.

Politicians and bureaucrats? They get better and better jobs, bigger and bigger paychecks and more skilled at telling whoppers.

In this morning's Sacramento Bee newspaper, veteran journalist Helen Thomas had an excellent piece about this issue, and how the American people seem disinterested in issues of truth. The public seems more interested in debating 'intelligent design' versus evolution.

When I think about John Bolton, I prefer evolution, a random selection process of nature that produced a bully who is tough with subordinates and who never saw a superior's rear end he didn't long to kiss.

The thought that he was created by 'intelligent design' is too unsettling to even ponder.

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