Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Oh, for a those warm days in Mexico

LAKE TAHOE, Calif. - It's May 10 for Chrissakes and there's snow on the ground.


Kind of makes me want to head back down to Mexico, except in Mexico, it's starting to get hot, damned hot. The kind of hot that makes you wish for, well, snow.

You can't win with weather, that's why clothes and houses and heaters and air conditioners were invented.

Here in Sacramento, the weather has been about as weird as you can get. Kind of like that movie, 'The Day After Tomorrow,' not Dennis Quaid's best film, but the science in it about global warming is sound. And if the strange weather here - and in a lot of other parts of the country - is any indication, there is a climate shift going on.

And I live way too close to the American River to like that idea.

Summer is coming in typical Sacramento fashion. Today it was 70, tomorrow is supposed to 75-80, Thursday and Friday it's supposed to get hot, maybe into the high 80s.

And the 90s will show up a few days later.

Time to change into Clark Kent again. BIG story on stem cell financing in the works for tomorrow. (They say Hemingway started out this way. Maybe that's why he drank so much, too.)


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