Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Cloning in California - the newest 'thing?'

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - The state assembly here turned down a bill yesterday that would have outlawed the cloning of pets - lots of people who have lost Fido the dog or Felcity the cat apparently are interested in the whole idea.

But there are doubters who are worried that this will lead to the cloning of humans.

Do you think so?

The photo with the blog today is of Noah, a baby bull 'gaur' who was born several years ago in a test of cloning. In his case, they were trying to show that they could use cloning to preserve endangered species. Noah didn't live very long, but they made their point.

Reminds me a little of Jurassic Park and that 'fictional' nightmare.

The ethical questions about human cloning are mind boggling, so it's nice that the California State Assembly decided to sidestep the whole issue, perhaps because they have pets they would like reproduced.

But when it comes to human cloning, well, I don't know.

One thing I do know is that virtually all technological innovations end up being used for something other than what they were intended for. Take the VCR. When they hit the market, the makers were sure that everyone would record all those great TV shows.


Instead, a new industry was spawned (the renting of tapes and now DVDs).

So the proponents of cloning say the science would not be used to reproduce humans in total, just to maybe grow the occasional kidney or liver for a transplant. Of course, that means that if you think your kidneys and liver are headed south from too much Grey Goose vodka, you better get cracking on that cloning now.

At least while it's still legal in California.

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