Saturday, May 07, 2005

You can buy this for, say, $250,000

BERKELEY, Calif. - The San Francisco Chronicle had a great story yesterday about housing and how many people are downsizing, giving up the idea of mansions in places like beautiful Elk Grove, Calif. (that was sarcastic, I call Elk Grove, Elk Snout...). Here's the link:
  • SF Gate story

  • Having lived on a boat for many years, I understand that notion. And in my condo, overlooking the American River, I am quite content to have less space, less crap and a tiny yard to take of - most of which is a brick patio.

    But I have the entire American River Parkway outside the back gate, where Admiral Fox and I just took a nice walk, checked out the wildflowers, and got the blood circulating.

    I suspect the impetus for downsizing might be the cost of housing, too. The shack in the photo is called a guest cottage and is one of several small buildings (750 square feet, I think), on a parcel that is listed for about $750,000.

    But it is in Berkeley, where coffee is about $2 a cup and even the cheap restaurants are costly by most standards.

    The newspapers also had three other really interesting stories yesterday:
    how farm animals are going to be tracked electronically (can people be far behind?), how in Kansas they are seriously arguing about teaching creationism (versus evolution theory) and George W. planned in 2002 (according to the Brits) to invade Iraq and diddled with the intelligence agencies to make sure they supported that idea.

    Pass the wine bottle, the news is getting depressing again.

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