Monday, May 02, 2005

On the job, working for the 'Bureau'

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - This morning started my consulting job with the Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. (I work for 'the Bureau,' honest!) in which I'll be working as a 'Special Correspondent,' writing about health care issues and some environmental stuff for the biggest news organization you have never heard of.

Except, I discovered a LOT of people have. The news group has been around since 1929 and does specialty publications in dozens of fields. Lawyers, doctors, professionals, you name them - they all seem to subscribe to these newsletters, most of which are all online (yahoo!), including some daily stuff.

I'm working on getting my Clark Kent wardrobe refurbished for my trips to the Legislature and the various health service offices around Sacramento.

And I get to call my big boss in Washington D.C. "Chief," just like on Superman.

Will it interfere with blogging, writing 'The Class of '66?', or the movies?

Naw...It's only half-time at most (at least that's all I get to bill the company for.) But it will be fun.

And I have an official California Governor's office press pass to hang around my neck when I go downtown.

Whoops, gotta run, D.C. is on the line, must be The Chief.

But I'll be baaaack...

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