Friday, May 06, 2005

Oh no! Not another blog!

SOMEWHERE IN THE BLOGOSPHERE - Friday morning I started on yet another writing/web project ('Kee-rist, doesn't he every finish one?') that I started months ago but never put the final touches on.

But it's up, and called Writing for Money. The link is already up on this page.

Guess what it's about.

It's devoted to writing about the topic of, well, writing for money as well as providing links and tips for other writers. While net surfing I find a lot of information - but mostly garbage - and a lot of come-ons for services that want to fleece freelance writers, not find them work.

It will work best if I can get some good contributions (writing, not cash, though cash would be accepted).

But it's there, one of 500 or so new blogs that were created today...

Make that 501, I suppose.

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