Thursday, May 26, 2005

If you bought that SUV grill, here's your fish

ALTON, Ill. - This baby is 124 pounds (the fish, not the guy) and is likely to be a world record catfish, just right to slam onto that giant grill I wrote about yesterday.

This fish is big enough to have its zip code, but because of its great stature, it will not be eaten but kept in captivity so anglers can ogle the critter. After a few years in a tank, the fish might prefer the barbecue.

It's believed that this is truly the biggest catfish every landed (though who knows what lurks in the Mississippi) - - so mark today on your calendar (though the fisherman pulled this thing in May 22).

We'll call it Big Whopper Day, in honor of all the fisherman who claim to have had big fish like this on the line, but who have never seemed to land one.

Perhaps the people of Lake Davis in California, who are poisoning their lake to get rid of Northern Pike that keep eating the planted trout, should import some monster catfish relatives of this one instead. I defy a Northern Pike to take a chunk out of one of these gargantuans - unless they are done up Cajun style.

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