Thursday, May 26, 2005

A wet spring in California, skiers still skiiing

YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK - The water is pouring out of Bridalveil Falls at Yosemite and a lot closer to home, the water is still raging down the American River right behind my house as the snowfall in the mountains melts.

Today it was 96 degrees in Sacramento, hot in the foothills and 76 degrees at the high elevations where there is still many feet of snow melting and sending water down here.

The ski resorts at the highest elevations are running big advertisements in the Sacramento Bee newspaper, urging skier and snowboarders to come up for a run, the last one of the season.

I'll be happy when they start slowing the flow in the river so I can launch the kayak and do some adventuring right out the back gate. Kayaking with the river running as fast as it is, I would end up in San Francisco fighting an ebb tide.

For the big holiday weekend, let's hope the great brains know enough to slow the flow of American River water so we don't have drownings this year. Every season we seem to have tragedies on the river.

Ten times the normal flow of water almost guarantees it.

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