Monday, May 08, 2006

Dennis Hopper is writing a 'tell-all' book - Oh God!

Dennis Hopper
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HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - Moviestar madman Dennis Hopper is in the process of writing a book about his life, which he says will include all kinds of details about tons of stars (living and dead).

I first took note of Hooper when I saw the film Easy Rider with he and Peter Fonda and Jack Nicholson. I watched the movie a few weeks before setting out across the country in my blue VW bus with my wife Kay, a three-month-old infant son Jason, and a black cat named Mr. Kitter.

I also had long hair, sported a beard and wore John Lennon-style eyeglasses.

The movie, frankly, scared the crap out of me, especially because living in upstate New York, I was well aware that there were people who did not kindly to people who sported long hair and beards. I had gotten into several scuffles in Jamestown and Lakewood taverns over my hair. It was part of the reason I was leaving redneck New York for other parts.

The trip from Jamestown let eventually to Napa, Calif. (which took eight weeks of sidetrips and detours, all looking for the perfect place to live) and only had one semi-serious incident - in Wyoming.

We stopped for gas in a small town and huddled under and overpass, hiding out, where a half-dozen 'hippies' who said the local cowboys had threatened to kill them. We couldn't take them with us, but said we would flag down other 'hippie vans' to evacuate them.

Later that afternoon, I stopped to take a picture of a sign on tree at a fancy resort that said "No Hippies or Longhairs Allowed."

One of the proprietors came out and chased me, screaming that he would smash my camera. I was still pretty fast on my feet and got away. But I'm glad he didn't get in his car - my VW van could only do about 50 mph.

Here's a link to the story about Hopper's new book:

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  • Friday, May 05, 2006

    Hernando's Hideaway - not the one from the song

    Hernando's Hideaway
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    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - The dance lessons are, well, dancing along and although I still confuse the rumba with the waltz and the foxtrot with whatever else we are learning, the one little movement I seem to like the best is the tango.

    Yup. Think Antonio Banderas. Now think about Antonio Banderaas with his shoelaces tied firmly together, trying to look sort of smoldering as he glides across the floor.

    Now make him 57-years-old with a very gray ponytail and you have the image.

    But the song that I always hear in my head when doing the tango is Hernando's Hideaway - no matter what tango the dance instructor has chosen. I've even learned how to strum it on the guitar - it's basically two chords so there's little rocket science involved with playing it.

    I know a dark secluded place
    A place where no one knows your face
    A glass of wine a fast embrace
    It's called...Hernando's Hideaway...OLÉ

    All you see are silhouettes
    And all you hear are castanets
    And no one cares how late it gets
    Not at Hernando's Hideaway...OLÉ

    At the Golden Fingerbowl or any place you go
    You can meet your Uncle Max and everyone you know
    But if you go to the spot that I am thinking of
    You will be gaze at me
    And talk of love

    Just knock three times and whisper low
    That you and I were sent by Joe
    Then strike a match and you will know
    That you're in Hernando's Hideaway...OLÉ

    I went online to look and see if there was actually a place called Hernando's Hideway. I found several - thought it's doubtful that the joint in this picture inspired the song that was part of the Broadway show, The Pajama Game.

    Still, in the dark, with the music playing, perhaps they do the tango here, too.