Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ohio train wreck should be an Inergy wakeup call

COLUMBUS, Ohio -A freight train run by the Norfolk Southern Railroad derailed today, resulting in a huge fire here.

It also forced the evacuation of the area.

Norfolk Southern, by the way, is the railroad that will be running propane tankers daily - read that again, running propane tankers daily - across the Watkins Glen State Park gorge and up to the Town of Reading if the Missouri-based Inergy Corporation gets state Department of Environmental Conservation approval for a massive salt-cavern propane storage facilty.

So much for their much-touted safety record...

Tonight at 7 p.m., there will be a meeting at Damiani Wine Cellars on Route 414 to discuss strategies for keeping that storage from being approved.

By stopping the storage it will also keep train wrecks like these from potentially killing our friends and neighbors.

Here's a link to the full story:

Stop the propane trains, please!