Friday, May 20, 2005

Time to follow that gaggle down the river

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - There's plenty to do today; stories to follow up on, a long list of house projects, an anniversary breakfast to swallow. But because the state Legislature is out today - lawmakers all gone home for the weekend - there's no impending deadlines boring down on me at all, and none like to show up this morning.


And by accounts today will be about 85 degrees here in this band of Northern California which means time to get back out in the sun and see if any of the tan that has faded in the last week of rain can make a comeback.

Admiral Fox will leave tomorrow for a foray to San Diego to keep working on Sabbatical to get the ship ready to show to potential buyers. This blogger will stay home (in the sun, in the sun!) and catch up on the writing, I suppose with the possibility of actually resurrecting two writing projects that have been dormant for weeks: an assigned profile of a noted local law professor and the other Sword of Damocles hanging over my head: The Class of '66.

And the blogs! The blogs!

The Class of '66 website has taken off now that there is a good email list of classmates and as I had hoped, there are people contributing photos - and even some writing. Writing for Money is getting some hits, too. I'll have to Google the site and see where it shows up.

But I can hear the Canada geese along the river (and I see a gaggle of co-eds jogging by) so it's time to go for the morning constitutional to get inspiration (those geese are great for that) and get the damned kink out of my back that's developed from too many hours at this keyboard.


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