Wednesday, March 02, 2005

When the waves are big, you are at Maverick

Surfing at Maverick, originally uploaded by Brite light photos.

2 March 2005

CALIFORNIA COAST, South of San Francisco - The Pacific Ocean has been stirred up big time for the past few days, generating wild waves that would have even given Hunter S. Thompson pause to think about.

This photo, borrowed from a Bay Area newspaper, is a file shot because no photographer has the brass to be on there on the water right now. The waves are too damned big. The spot is called Maverick and people come from all over the world to risk their skinny necks dodging rocks - and sharks - to surf there.

In the meantime, the ugliest of political waves are being made in Sacramento. Our governor is launching initiatives to destroy the pension system and make sure that anyone thinking about going into the teaching profession finds another state to work in.

He's the terminator all right - but he's going to terminate the state before he's done.

I never thought Nevada would look like a good place to live.


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