Saturday, March 26, 2005

It's spring break in Mexico, too, definitely

Golden tans in Mexico
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SAN FRANCISCO, Nayarit, Mexico - The beaches are littered with Southern Californians (and some Mexican families, too) as spring break winds up.

In Mexico, there's a tradition of throwing water at people today, and we have been warned that if we take our truck (actually my son Dustin's truck) around town, well, we are likely to get hit with a bucket of water.

And Easter is a tremendously big holiday in this Catholic nation. There are as many flyers up to announce where to go to Mass as where to go tonight to party.

We have had our share of parties in the past few days with the return of the sailing vessel Zephyrous with Dan and Lorraine aboard. They are ending a six-month sabbatical and (gasp!) are going back to work in a few weeks.

Barring the governor destroying the California Public Employee Retirement System before then, they expect to retire and move back down to their boat and head off into the sunset again next fall.

Sabbatical will likely head off into the great north in a couple of weeks to go to San Diego and a safe berth there.

It will not be Mexico, but there is a place called Ocean Beach there that features a lot of the same and surf as in the picture with today's blog

The photo with this blog was taken last week just north of Sayulita. We're headed back there for an Easter brunch manana.


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