Friday, March 18, 2005

Profligate slips out of Paradise Village, unnoticed

PARADISE VILLAGE MARINA - The infamous sailing vessel Profligate slipped out of Paradise Village Marina a couple of days ago, heading across the Sea of Cortez (which Mexicans call the Gulf of California because mentions of Spanish conquistador Hernando Cortez are in extremely bad form). It's on its way back to San Francisco, a long haul to be sure.

Profligate is owned by Richard Spindler, publisher of Latitude 38, a famous sailing rag for which this blogger has written tons of articles in the past.

The boat leaving, and the end of the Banderas Bay Regatta, mark the beginning of a mass exodus from Puerto Vallarta to the Sea of Cortez (Whoops! Gulf of California) and Mazatlan. The prices for marinas berthing are cheap in Mazatlan and the Sea of... Gulf of California is a great sailing destination for the summer months, provided you can handle the incredible heat.

In the meantime, here in Puerto Vallarta, one glance at the beach makes it obvious that it is spring break and soon the resort will fill up with Mexican tourists, too, making for better volleyball matches.

In the midst of all this, 'Sabbatical' will take one last Banderas Bay cruise before the ship heads north to San Diego around May 1 under the command of Captain Dustin Fox.

It will be good to be back in San Diego, even though today it is raining like hell there, the weatherman says.


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