Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Let's race La Nina next year

BANDERAS BAY - This replica of La Nina (one of the three boats Columbus crossed the Atlantic in) is not entered in the Banderas Bay Regatta, which is is too bad. With racing rules and corrected time, they might just win! Of course it would take them several days to probably make one circuit of the race course.

For the past two days this blogger has been cranking and grinding on 'Sorsha' and, no doubt thanks to the good cranking and grinding, we are in first place, with only one more day's worth of racing to go.

But the bad news is that it is raining today and the forecast is for flukey winds and maybe even a line squall roaring through the bay.

That will make life very interesting.

Wednesday marks the return to normalcy here: back to the daily writing schedule, the laundry, and boat projects to get Sabbatical ready to go north in May.

And Thursday, St. Patrick's Day, Adm. Fox will arrive for an inspection tour and vacation from her teaching duties. The boat will be ship-shape, spic 'n span, etc...

The writing has been sadly neglected (neglected sadly?) but will still be there tomorrow morning when the rooster across the channel makes his morning call.

Back to Sorsha and a run (sail) for the roses...


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