Tuesday, March 08, 2005

What is Paris Hilton doing on this website?

PUERTO VALLARTA, Mexico, Estado de Nayarit - The computer system is slow these days, bogged down, by God knows what, except that loading photos and posting blog copy isn't simple, it's a ordeal.

So when I ran across a story about Paris Hilton basically bombing as host of Saturday Night Live a month ago (a dream of mine, hosting, not bombing), her storybook photo called out to me.

In the amount of time I had it up on the 'flickr' photo site - and moved to write this blog - (about 30 seconds) seven people had already hit upon the picture and downloaded to their computers. What they propose to do with the pix, I am not going to speculate on.

The drafting of 'The Class of 66' took a big turn Tuesday when I settled on a way to rack up the words without worrying so much about form and format and outlining. Did HST outlline? Never.

But for now, the words will keep pouring out to be moulded into the book later, when names like George Updahl, Dave Carlson, Linda Anderson, Sally Smith and John Schultz make more sense to me than the do now, except when flying out of my keyboard.

But look at that picture of Paris Hilton! Gawd! Where was she was Hunter S. Thompson needed her?



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