Thursday, March 17, 2005

El Capitan de Sorsha heading out for the final race

PARADISE VILLAGE - The days are back to normal and, predictably, Admiral Fox's America West flight has been delayed, giving me just enough time to put up a quick blog.

As serious as Captain Curt looks here, he was all smiles two hours later when he took first in class at the Banderas Bay Regatta.

Sabbatical is ship-shape for Admiral Fox's visit today, even including the bathrooms (both!)

We hope to take the ship out of the slip at least once or twice during her inspection tour, but some mechanical issues might keep us dockbound until the middle of next week.

Among the parts? We need to clean up the winches (so we can fly a jib) and the anchor is off being sandblasted so it will look beautiful when we slap some special paint on it. Gray paint, of course.

Off to the aeropuerto and then start the St. Patrick's Day celebrations!

Green beer, green tacos and green margaritas.



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