Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Be glad these birds can't fly and Regatta roundup

PARADISE VILLAGE MARINA, Estado de Nayarit, Mexico - When you wander around the hotel grounds on the way to the beach here, you are likely to run into one of these wandering ostriches, which aren't all that friendly if you get too close.

And frequently they drop a load (such as in the photo), which makes the Paradise Village staff oh-so-happy.

The birds are a neat addition to the small zoo which has tigers, black panthers and even a puma. The tigers are the most impressive. They are HUGE and make the panthers and puma look tiny by comparison. The animals have all been rescued - or born in captivity - and are treated at least as well as such animals would be in the states. Probably better.

The Banderas Bay Regatta is officially over and the boat on which I crewed, 'Sorsha' is the official winner of Fleet 4 the race. At the awards ceremony, we tossed our captain in the pool (part of a sailor baptism ritual for winning) and discovered that the navy blue cotton pants he was wearing were so new, that they bled blue dye in the swimming pool. He looked like he was swimming in a pool where someone had hooked up a Tidy Bowl container.

The party was the usual riot of good food and fun. And, somehow, our table was the last one to leave, taking our hint when the waiter lifted our margarita glasses up to take away the tablecloth.

Besides extremely sore muscles, the first mate gave me a neat key chain and we all received very classy crew hats for participating.

The last day of racing was a disappointment - no wind! We had just enough of a breeze to start the race, but at 5 p.m. the Race Committee called things off. If they hadn't, we would not have finished until well after they were taking the tablecloths off the tables at the party.

Today's motto on Sabbatical is 'No Mas Fiestas' - at least until St. Patrick's Day (tomorrow) when Admiral Fox arrives.


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