Friday, March 25, 2005

So what's is a blog without some artwork?

PARADISE VILLAGE MARINA, Nayarit, Mexico - Actually a blog without artwork is exactly what you see here, three days without taking a photo (or having a near photo send to me) has left me artless, though still artful, I hope.

The past days have been a frenzy of getting Sabbatical ready for several potential buyers to look at. I thought we had taken all the junk off the boat, but noooooo... we had more to remove to show how spacious the boat is. If the buyers (potential) look on the dock next to the boat, they will see just how much volume our 48-foot, 15-foot wide vessel really has.

The cleanup, make presentable actions have also made the writing of The Class of '66 stall on the tracks like a frightened deer in the headlights. Writing the book requires a momentum and regular schedule, the second of which you would think would be easy here with no teaching responsibilites and just the boat and recreation.

Not so, not so.

When friends of mine have retired, they always tell me that they are far more busy in retirement than when working. This spring has proven to the case for me.

It could be that later today I will carve out an hour to write about Coach Ed Stupka (who handled football duties at Southwestern Central High School) and my encounter with him 30 years after he was chasing our skinny butts around the practice field. He was a guidance counselor at Sacramento City College and about a foot shorter than I remembered him.

Maybe I'll be able to dredge up a photo of him for the blog - and the book.

'Hit that sled,' Harder! Harder!


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