Thursday, March 10, 2005

Oh for a boogie board in San Francisco!

SAN FRANCISCO - A walloping big storm in the northwest has sent record waves into San Francisco Bay and out along the coast, people are seeing sights like the photo with this blog.

And yes, more than a few lunatic surfers are out there.

In Puerto Vallarta, the waves are not particularly big inside the bay, but outside the reports are these big rollers have come down all the way from Seattle to make going north an issue. Not many boats are out and about right now, except those hardy souls trying to get into Banderas Bay for the Banderas Bay Regatta which starts Saturday and ends Monday.

If the wind blows like it has the past week, it will be a wild and dangerous race.

The wind has suggested another episode for 'The Class of 66' - the conversion of ski boaters to sailors as well as the tales of the tiny Lakewood Yacht Club where the people running the place (perhaps unwisely) turned loose teenage boys to run the races and (the best part) fire the cannon to start the race.

KABOOM went the cannon and so did the sail that was right in front of the committee boat. Burn baby burn...


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