Friday, March 11, 2005

A beachfront Buddha in Puerto Vallarta

PARADISE VILLAGE MARINA, Nayarit, Mexico - OK, so it isn't exactly a replica of the holy man of much of Asia and other parts of the world. But it is still quite surprising to run into it on the beach at Puerto Vallarta where a family spends much of its vacation every year building these sand sculptures.

Last year they built a horse - not a pony - a horse - and it was life size. They've also built crocodiles and lots of sculptures of people.

And it's all pretty amusing to people wandering down the beach.

The surf was high enough today that Buddha will not be standing tomorrow. After all, things built in sand are, well, built in sand. But the dad in the family said he and his crew will be back out on the beach again, working against the time and tide that threaten their artwork.

I suggested a Bo Derek sculpture, but the idea didn't get much traction with the rest of his family.

I'll try to arrive early enough in the morning to influence the artists. I heard some loose talk about an elephant or maybe the Eiffel Tower.

I still think a monument to Bo Derek would be better.


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