Wednesday, March 09, 2005

A long way from San Diego, but the adventure continues

PUERTO VALLARTA, Estado de Nayarit -
On the way to old Mexico, I came through San Diego where, at Lindbergh Field, there's The Spirit of St. Louis hanging up in the air, the very plane that Charles Lindbergh, aka Lucky Lindy, flew across the Atlantic to make history.

His name came up today with a bunch of pilots here in Mexico, all of whom talk the talk about flying small aircraft - like the one that I flew with Jim Riordan. And all of them knew about the side-slip maneuver I experienced. Lots of fun for all of us to talk about, less for me to experience.

But the plane in San Diego is a reminder of years ago daring do and how brave people were trying to get find new horizons, to boldly go where no man had gone before.

Good motto, harder in practice for most people to follow.

Today's writing on 'The Class of 66' focused on the sinking of a boat and also the destruction of a building, the first accomplished by another boat, the second by a 63 Chevy launched through the front window. It was a growing up version of daring-do, or dumb-do, maybe...

What adventures we have had. What adventures lie ahead.

But that's for manana.


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