Monday, March 14, 2005

Banderas Bay Race heading into Day Two

BANDERAS BAY - The racing is over for the first day of the Banderas Bay Regatta and the boat on which this blogger is crewing - a 50-foot Columbia called 'Sorsha' - took first place in our division in the first day of racing.

We will over look the fact that several of the boats in our division dropped out due to mechanical problems. It was still nice to take a first.

The racing was more hard work than I imagined. Instead of simply taking videos (which was what my job was supposed to be) the captain needed me to work on one of the winches. In sailing terms, it's called being a 'grinder' and grind I did - so much that this morning my shoulders feel like I've been lifting weights for a week.

Saturday's pre-race activities included a parade in which we sang 'Margaritaville' as we went by the reviewing stand. That was the last slow moment for the next three hours.

The day before the actual start of the regatta, the Vallarta Yacht Club held a dinghy race with five Optimist dinghies the club purchased for use for a soon-to-be launched youth program. But the guys who raced were anything but youthful and almost dumped the little boats racing around the harbor.

In the photo with this blog you can see the leader of the pack taking off in his boat, or at least trying not to flip it at the dock.

Well, it's off to the races....


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