Sunday, March 06, 2005

Springtime, the governor and 'The Class of 66'

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - The mornings are wet, but the days beautiful as springtime takes over the calendar in Sacramento. While northern climes are still wondering when the next big snowstorm is going to dump all over them, Sacramento gardeners are figuring out what to plant - and considering putting the plants in the ground now. (Too early guys, sorry.)

On the political landscape, the Guvenator appears to have lost his first major battle, with the state's nurses. He signed an executive order putting on hold a new state law that would have increased the staffing levels in hospitals. But a court has overruled him. Of course the hospitals have pretty deep pockets to keep appealing the ruling (gotten a hospital bill lately?), so the victory could be short-lived.

But in the meantime, the newpapers are full of 'Is-the-governor-in-trouble' stories today, a sign that the thin movie-star patina is showing signs of cracking and Arnold Schwarzenegger may start being judged as a politician and Republican, not a movie star.

We can hope. We can hope.

Also in the meantime, the redrafting of 'The Class of 66' starts officially Monday evening with a kickoff margarita and a full-dive into the pool, using the writing techniques of Dr. Gonzo himself.

May the farce be with me.


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