Thursday, March 10, 2005

The State of the State of California

PARADISE VILLAGE MARINA, NUEVO VALLARTA, ESTADO de NAYARIT - It's a long, long way from California to here, but the news of California seeps like incessant Sacramento rains that get into garages and basements, a slithering, slippery thing you don't want to deal with, but find it under your door anyway.

I just had the extreme misfortune of seeing Newt Gingrich on Fox News, who was talking about how successful his Contract With America was (just before the Congress blew his ass out out the door), and it reminded me of how short the attention span is of most Americans.

Me, too. I'm trying to remember where I ate dinner earlier tonight. Hmnmm.. Uh-oh. I didn't. Better get out of the bar and back to Sabbatical.

But the pix of the guvenator is here because this guy, this movie star/actor-as-governor/bully is, in a clumsy Terminator/True Lies way destroying the state of California. Not by design, he probably want the place to be better (at least for wealthly Republicans) but he is as ham-handed as a high school freshman on his first visit to the local drive-in movie.

The nurses are on his case (justifiably) the school teachers think he should be, well, terminated, in fact its hard to think of a constituency (except for those wealty Republicans) who think what he's doing is good.

So why aren't they complaining?

Well, because he's a hero, after all. He's saved soldiers, children, even planets (his worst movie, ever...) and how can you condemn a hero?

Just watch. The Guvenator is not a hero in real life. Just an aging 57-year-old guy with a media savvy wife who made a lot of dough off his biceps and a sliver of acting ability.

The role of governor the State of California is his biggest role ever. So far, no academy award, though.

And none in the wings.

With luck, he won't be back.


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