Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Great White sharks and HST the younger

PUERTO VALLARTA, Estado de Nayarit - There are really two HSTs I was reminded this morning. The late Hunter S. Thompson and Harry S. Truman, the late president of the United States. While the latter initials aren't household conversation these days, they were in my house in the early 1950s when I remember first hearing the word 'damned.'

In this case, it was 'that damned Truman.'

History, as it so often does, has rehabilitated Harry S. Truman and now the plain-speaking haberdasher from Missouri is revered in most political circles. But that's not all that surprising. Good God, even the other HST said he would have voted for Richard Nixon in the last election if that was the only alternative to George W.

The Great White in the photo with this blog has been chomping on his aquarium mates (See today for the full story), but it reminded me that one of HST the younger's best books is called 'The Great Shark Hunt.' His most hilarious book, out of print unfortunately but still available some places, is called 'The Curse of Lono.' Read 'The Curse' and flying in commecial airliners will never be quite the same.

On to The Class of 66 this morning. The madcap days of racing around Lake Chautaqua are on tap for today's episode, an episode that will include the epic tale of the sinking of a boat - by ramming it with another inboard.

Good thing there were no Great Whites with great appetites there.


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