Monday, March 07, 2005

A Gonzo high school reunion in 2006

JAMESTOWN, NY - The 'Class of 66' of Southwestern High School on Hunt Road here is plotting a blowout reunion for 2006.

In the photo here, Jim and Pam Carr are shown with the Gonzo blogger/journalist/author himself. It was taken about 18 months ago, but we all look much younger now.

And what a trip we've been on for the last 18 months! The Carrs now live in Phoenix, after several years of struggling with the evil cold weather in Novi, Michigan. The Gonzo blogger has been living part of the time in Mexico (where life is divided between writing, surfing and margaritas) Sacramento (where the teaching job and the money is) and Valois, New York (where the Schwartz summer home on Seneca Lake is).

But the 40th reunion! What a chance for the miscreants to re-establish all the silly high school pecking order rituals (and laugh at them) while swilling our Mylanta (it will be the 40th after all).

At the 20th reunion, this blogger made the mistake of reading too much Norman Mailer and, as happens, took on the Mailer persona after a few cocktails at some country club(?). A grim memory.

Could that have really been 20 years ago? Could it really have been 40 years (almost) since we walked across that stage and went careening out to Lake Erie for a party (after going to the official graduation party at Moonbrook Country Club where we were entertained by Dana Bolles' rock band).

Forty years?



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  1. wow a picture of Carr, it has been too long. I hope to see you all at reunion. Time will tell where I will be next year. I could be back in the islands, but if I am in Vermont I will try to attend the debacle. Gentlemen, start your engines, I'm baaack. Aloha, "Parnelli"