Saturday, March 05, 2005

Samantha reads Einstein biography

5 March 2005

SACRAMENTO, CALIF. - Ok, so maybe supergranddaughter Samantha is not reading a biography of Albert Einstein, it's a bio of Margaret Thatcher. Samantha is more likely to go into politics than science anyway - she has a way with words.

This photo, from her visit several nights ago, is a classic pose for the little book lover who reads way beyond her seven years and even occasionally reads this blog.

She will be tickled to see her picture here again. A few weeks ago, during The Great Pond Debacle (in which I sacrificed a half dozen fish), she was featured as we released the poor piscines into the water, only to have them go belly up within an hour.

Perhaps we need to drain that little pond, clean out the probably toxic debris, and then introduce some fresh water and a new colony of fish.

In the meantime, I'll see what Samanatha thinks about the Life of Margaret Thatcher when I see her next.


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