Friday, April 08, 2005

You're only paranoid if you think they're out to get you

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - We live in a pocket that faces a pastoral setting along the banks of the river, but the traquility of that is sometimes shattered by the realities of urban life.

Such as helicopters circling the American River Parkway, looking for bad guys. (Or during the summer, more likely looking for young women wearing bikinis, floating down the lazy river in inner tubes.)

Yesterday morning, before the weather front moved in to pound us with rain, the helicopters were circling madly just before we headed out for our morning walk. And, damn it if the helicopter I saw (and in the photo) wasn't black.

Remember the urban legends about the black helicopters?

I'm not paranoid, but it did look like the chopper was dipping low and that there was a cameraman shooting video. Couple that bit of surveillance with the latest Google feature that accesses satellite photos and you have a neat bit of invasion of privacy.

But were a sooooo much safer because of all this, right?


But on bright note on a dreary morning here in Sacramento (see I found my high school yearbook. Yes! Every photo brings back a memory (some quite painful) and in the next few days I will try to copy/scan some of the pictures, posting some if they are relevant.

Wait a minute, a relevant blog?

Isn't that an oxymoron, like 'military intelligence?'

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