Thursday, April 28, 2005

Goodbye Mexico and Tenacatita Bay

LA MANZANILLA, Mexico - The photo with today's blog is from beautiful Tenacatita Bay, a place Sabbatical won't see again under this captain's ownership (at least we don't think so).

It was taken by Capt. Sanders Lamont last year on our visit as we moved Sabbatical north from Zihuatenejo to Puerto Vallarta.

Sabbatical is curretly somewhere between PV and Cabo San Lucas, on the first leg of an 1100-mile voyage to return the boat to San Diego.

Capt. (and son) Dustin Fox, Don Tiffin (who built Sabbatical) and Victor Deane are aboard making the trip. Don and Victor are from Canada and after spending four days with them getting the boat ready, I found myself saying 'eh' a lot.

And that could be a a problem, eh?

Before I left Puerto Vallarta I loaded the boat with food, drink and fuel (in case there is no wind). I also changed fuel filters and got the engine ready in case they need it - good insurance that they won't.

Back here in Sacramento, it is raining and kind of dreary, but in a very Northwest sort of way that is actually a relief after the humidity of Mexico.

The dinghy I'm pulling in the photo is called the "Captain's Gig," and is NOT being sold with Sabbatical. The little vessel holds almost as many memories as the mother ship and will reside at one of our many residences for smaller scale adventures. It has a nice sailing rig, too, and is a lot of fun for scooting around anyplace there's a little wind.

No bad, eh?

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