Sunday, April 24, 2005

Forget the heat - hit the ball, hit the ball

Taking his best shot
Originally uploaded by Brite Lights photos.
PARADISE VILLAGE MARINA, THE BEACH - The volleyball matches have been fierce this week in which bikini-clad women have been generally drilling the ball down the throats of the guys on the sand courts.

But most of the sporting action has been back out on the water where the boogie-boarding is good again, because the slimey jellyfish have left.

And the best news of all today - after Dustin's stuff got moved into his new casa in the Versailles district - was that the diesel tanks I thought were contaminated, in fact, are fine.

That means I will not have to dispose of a hundred gallons of bad fuel, just two or three.


Surf's up. What am I doing here blogging?

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