Thursday, April 07, 2005

The stuff that dreams are made of - Part deux

SAN QUINTIN, south of Ensenada - An email yesterday said that our friends - and son - aboard Serendipty were going to go hide in a small, relatively safe anchorage many miles south of Ensenada to wait out some bad weather.

San Quintin is NOT a place you would normally go and hang for a few days.

But in one of those bizarre coincidences, both Admiral Fox and I dreamed about the Serendiptans and San Quintin. In both our dreams, we saw it as a snug, Canadian fjiord type of anchorage, not an open roadstead into which big waves can find their way.

Wishful thinking, or has there been some terraforming since I last passed it years ago?

San Quintin is protected from the north and west and so they should be safe. Some years ago friends on a sailboat heading south got caught in a big winter storm and ducked in there, but the wind was from the south.


But big mistakes go along with this boating business. In most cases it just makes for an uncomfortable time and a few hours of sheer terror.

I hope the Serendipty folks have had neither.

In the meantime, in Sacramento our springtime respite of beautiful weather has given way to the grayness of overcast and a barometer that fell so fast it gave me a headache.

More tea might solve that issue, and so would a second email from Serendipty that says they are safely anchored and enjoying a Pacifico on the beach.

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