Monday, April 18, 2005

The battle of the bulge continues in California

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Today's Sacramento Bee newspaper has headlines screaming about how bad the obesity epidemic is in California - a 21st century battle of the bulge so to speak.
Like most articles in this particular newspaper, the focus is on what the government can do to solve the problem, with a wail that there isn't any money to conduct an advertising campaign to convince people to eat more healthy and drop a LOT of weight.
On average, adults in California have put on about 11 pounds in the last decade. That's 11 pounds on top of being overweight anyway, probably.
I'm fighting that battle and slowly making ground, partly due to a mostly vegetable diet, partly due to running several miles every other day and partly due to being here and not in Mexico.
I can't resist the cold cervezas in the afternoon which are about 140 calories each.
As I trudge around the last turn on my run, I usually think about the extra weight and how much easier it would be if I could just drop about 10 pounds.
Exactly why we need the state government to spend $50 million to tell us we need to get on the treadmill and off the couch I'm not so sure, but that's for another day's musings.
The cheap soda (and tonic water!) that most people swill is the result of cheap sugar prices. Coca-Cola and Pepsi and all those candy bars are inexpensive because there is (and has been for years) a glut of sugar.
Boost the price of Coke and see what happens.
Enough of a rant. Time to hit the track and see if I can squeeze off another few ounces before coming back to a lo-cal, protein breakfast.
Remember: Rejoice, we conquer!

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