Saturday, April 23, 2005

When an ostrich blocks your path, what do you do?

PARADISE VILLAGE MARINA, Nayarit, Mexico - Moments before I discovered that I could, in fact, use another wireless computer system at Puerto Vallarta, we met and confronted this giant avian who apparently didn't want us to come into the parking lot.
He (she?) was NOT afraid of the car, but a broom in the hands of the security guard sent her (him?) scurrying with fright. Ostriches are such chickens. (Does that make any sense at all?)
The day started out hot - not something for which I am seeking a lot of sympathy - but it was hot, humid-hot (90 percent humidity, temperature about 85 degrees) the kind of hot that leaves you dripping wet five minutes after setting out walking. And after getting out of the shower, you stay wet for, well, most of the day.
But in the mall, where air conditioning is king, the Internet cafe now has a wireless connection, a big plus because I can bring in my tiny Apple laptop and not have to rely on their computers or the vagaries of cables (which never seem to work as well as the wireless).
In the meantime, the Internet at the Vallarta Yacht Club is still in great disrepair, kind of like a Soviet-Union era collective that can never meet its quota. There is some hope that in the next week it might be up and running. If not, I will be scurrying myself to the cafe to upload blogs and download news stories.
The boat is coming together, albeit slowly, as we are also trying to get Dustin ensconced in an apartment and get his FM3 (a special visa for foreign workers).
In the meantime, our crew from Canada arrives this afternoon with their clocks already ticking - one has to be back in Canada in about three weeks. It will make them push the boat to make the deadline, I'm sure.
The surfing today would have been great, except I didn't take my surfboard to the beach! Yesterday the water was swarming with jellyfish and just swimming (without getting stung) was a test.
So today I watched volleyball from the side of the pool.
More on that - with a photo - tomorrow.

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