Monday, April 04, 2005

The Queen(s) of Banderas Bay - a movie

LA RIVIERA STUDIOS, Sacramento, Calif. - Sunday afternoon, watching the raindrops, instead of working on The Class of '66, I pulled out the video camera to review some of the videotape from my most recent Mexico foray and ran across some truly bizarre stuff.

But the most entertainingly bizarre was a four-minute segment from the opening party of the Banderas Bay Regatta which featured a beauty queen contest. And it was not your average contest or beauty queens.

Today, I'm sad to report, that my photo program ( is out of action until later today and so the still photos will not be posted - at least right now. That's probably just as good. But I did complete a director's cut of a video, complete with Travis Tritt's 'Girls Gone Wild,' as part of the soundtrack.

I'll take it back to Mexico with me in a few weeks to show at the Yacht Club which sponsored part of the BBQ (Banderas Bay Queen) contest.

The things we do for art.

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