Saturday, April 16, 2005

Latitude 38 and Dona de Mallora at the Boat Show

Dona de Mallorca
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OAKLAND, Calif. - The Oakland Boat show yesterday wasn't as much fun this year as usual.

When you are selling your boat, it's pretty hard to get revved up about spending a few thousand on a watermaker or solar panels. Still, there was lots of neat gear and it was fun to be around all the excited people.

I overheard one couple - looking at a $500,000 boat - saying that their current boat (paid for) is just a 'little too small' for them to cruise on. So they were thinking about going into debt and buying this new rig, postponing their travels for, say, 5 or 6 years.

Jaysus. For $500,000 they could do a lot to mitigate a boat that is a 'little too small.'

Hell, for $175,000 they can have Sabbatical!

In the photo with today's block is the Latitude 38 magazine booth with Dona de Mallorca, the captain of Latitude 38's vessel Profligate which I wrote about sometime last month when it left Puerto Vallarta to return to the U.S.

She's a charmer and most of the guys who walked up went away with a lot more T-shirts than their wives had sent them to buy.

But she has such a great smile...

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