Tuesday, April 12, 2005

How many captains does it take to deliver a boat?

PARADISE VILLAGE MARINA, Nayarit, Mexico - The long slog from Puerto Vallarta to San Diego will begin in a couple of weeks - no buyers showed up at the dock waving cash to buy Sabbatical.

Son (and delivery captain) Dustin Fox will be commanding the vessel with good friend Don Tiffin (who built Sabbatical in Canada) and another amigo, Victor, along as crew. Captain Michael is opting out of the three-week voyage.

After pondering whether I should go along for the ride I realized that I wasn't really needed and just represented what we call 'squawking cargo,' and one more mouth to feed. (Not to mention, I would probably be designated as captain & cook.)

Just how many captains does it really take to deliver a sailboat?

And this is a delivery trip, no margarita sunsets (though the sun will set and there might be a margarita or two involved, I'll certainly have the boat stocked). No, this is an upwind sail, during which the ocean temperature will get progressively colder mile by mile until somewhere south and west of San Diego it will be long-john weather.

But I'll be anxiously awaiting Sabbatical's return to San Diego (our U.S. home port) and, we hope, a nice berth at the Silvergate Yacht Club where our friends our.

Our friend Terry Brothers is the port captain there and has said he'll do his best to squeeze our 48 foot, 15 foot wide vessel into at least some temporary dock space when the ship arrives.

Terry! Terry! Are you reading this?

Prepare for incoming!

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