Saturday, March 31, 2007

Time getting short south of the border

LA MANZANILLA, Jalisco, Mexico - For the first few days here, the spring-break vacation/real-estate tour/Tequila marathon stretched out like an endless vista in front of us. Then suddenly, like riding a Harley-Davidson at 115 mph across a desert salt flat, we are at the end of the clear space with our mental momentum still roaring at full throttle.


Several hikes up the steep hills of town today revealed several houses (for construction ideas only) that are elegant in their simplicity. We hope they are equally elegant in construction cost and that the designs can be adapted to either Admiralty Beach in Tenacatita or Arroyo Seco where the town is already talking about the blonde gringa and the gringo with the ponytail who looked at property on the hill.

Let's hope the Arroyo Secans like the sounds of ukulele and violin strings, mixed in with some Toby Keith and the occasional Steppenwolf on the stereo.

'Born to be wiiiiild, born to be wiiiiild...

A last sweep down the beach yesterday gave me the photos below, a trench for a sea-wall, an inland-Mexico resident coming to town for the week-long Holy Days holiday at the beach, and yet another sundown over the bay.

We're not yet done though - there's the rest of today, an evening meeting with an engineer/architect, a nearly-finished bottle of Tequila and then two days in Puerto Vallarta before touching back in Sacramento Monday where the real world, I fear, will seem much less real than this one.

Trench for a seawall
The trench for a concrete seawall

Lady in red
The young lady in red

Sunset at Tenacatita Bay
Sunset over Tenacatita Bay

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