Saturday, March 24, 2007

On the beach for the first real day of vacation

TENACATITA, Jalisco, Mexico - We spent the first full day in La Manzanilla and Tenacatita today, doing all the usual (flipping kayaks in the surf, downing seemingly endless bottles of Pacifico beer, shaking sand out of the digital camera).

But this morning's tea and coffee in the palapa facing the beach was interrupted by one of our neighbors - who knows I am a journalist - yelling to me that there was a topless girl on the beach next door. She was, in fact, not just topless, she was also sans bathing suit bottom, he said. He knew such a shot was a sure winner to land in this blog, somewhere.

But I am sooooo glad I didn't stub my toe running to get the camera (I only banged one knee, and slightly at that) to get this shot:

Topless babe with floatie toy
Topless babe dragging her floatie to the surf

So the day started out well and it was nice to check out the beachside residents, some of whom seemed somewhat confused about whether they were supposed to be relaxing, working, or in the case of this photo, a little of both.

Multi-tasking on the beach
Multi-tasking in the sunshine

At Tenacatita, where we spent most of the afternoon snorkeling, drinking even more Pacifico beer and eating the area's signature lunch, a Rollo de Mar (seafood roll) it was obvious that spring break had arrived big time.

We've been warned by local residents, including Jane Gorby, (the rentalor here at Santana's), that the placid days we see now are about to be shattered when hordes of tourists will descend on La Manzanilla and Tenacatita as spring break vacationers and Mexican tourists coming for Easter Week, creating kind of a perfect storm of tourism, jamming restaurants, wreaking havoc on traffic on La Manzanilla's streets and generally driving local residents to madness.

We're braced and stocked up on all the necessary supplies to protect ourselves from interloper tourists (even though, technically, that's exactly what we are).

But more on that tomorrow.

Tenacatita Beach resident
A tourist at Tenacatita Beach

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