Friday, March 23, 2007

Touching down in Mexico in time for Regatta

PUERTO VALLARTA, Nayarit, Mexico
- We landed in Mexico just in time for the pre-race festivities at the Vallarta Yacht Club where Captain Sanders Lamont finally got to meet the famous Cherie Sogsti, world traveler and bon vivant who has landed a gig with ABC to do travel news.

Sanders & Cherie
Sanders and Cherie on the deck of the VYC

The Admiral and I have known Cherie from even before she got famous through her website, Where's Cherie, which has had more than 1.6 million hits. Makes From Where I Sit's palty 25,000 hits seem pretty tame. If it wasn't for one photo of people doing yoga in the nude, well, cut out 5,000 from that total.

  • Where's Cherie?

  • It was also a reunion of a lot of folks from early days, including Tom LaFleur, captain of Mistress and son Dustin's first maritime boss, when Dustin captained Tom's 53-foot Swan sailboat for a season. We also saw Dustin and Camelia and Captain Rennie Waxlax, whose 65-foot Swan Cassieopea is at Paradise Village Marina.

    Tom LaFleur & Admiral Fox
    Tom LaFleur & Admiral Fox

    Anne, Rennie and Tom LaFleur
    Rennie Waxlax, center

    Sanders, Dustin & Camelia
    Sanders, Dustin & Camelia

    After a long session of telling tales about how each boat would win the Banderas Bay Regatta that began today, we went up the highway a mile to the Fajita Republic, where we took over the restaurant - well, at least one full table - and careened home later before heading down to La Manzanilla today for a weeklong stay and adventures at Admiralty Beach.

    We take over the Fajita Republic
    Occupying the Fajita Republic

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