Sunday, March 25, 2007

Scott and David's excellent fishing adventure

LA MANZANILLA, Jalisco, Mexico - After a day of snorkeling, eating at beachside restaurants and taking a Joe Santana Wild Jungle Ride, our friends Scott from Sacramento and David from Oakland were ready to take on the fish of Tenacatita Bay today.

Scott Noble, aka Scotty, is the Chief Engineer on Sabbatical, on leave here to check out the mechanical specs of our lot on the ocean at Tenacatita township and maybe buy his own piece of paradise.

After much brave talk of getting up with the roosters this morning - and there seem to be as many roosters in La Manzanilla as there are transplanted gringos - it turns out that both guys are still sound asleep as this blog is being written.

Still, the fish are waiting all day to play their favorite game: Fool the Gringos in Small Boats.
Great White Shark
Not commonly found in Tenacatita Bay

After much consultation, we opted to delay our musical debut at the Palapa Joe's open mic last night, though we did see a few of the acts and listened to Jane Gorby do a monologue that included George Carlin's 7 dirty words you can say on the radio.

But Jane did them in English, followed by the seven dirty words in Spanish. (Now I know what that cab driver was saying in Puerto Vallarta last week.)

But we may also have a name for the band. While we were trying to play a little music under the palapa outside in the dark, Scotty lent us his headlamp, the kind that straps on your forehead so your hands can be free.

And Voila! We might be called the Four Headlights, or something like that.

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