Sunday, March 11, 2007

Stories to write, papers to grade and Mexico ahead

- We took a day 'off' Saturday to visit Sabbatical, washing the ship and making sure she doesn't feel too neglected as we rush about, pell-mell with lives that are about 150 percent of normal.

Michael heading home on Sabbatical
In San Francisco Bay, aboard Sabbatical

But what is normal anyway?

I looked at my TODO list this morning which is littered with stories to write, papers to review for my magazine writing class and all I really can think about is our impending trip to Mexico where we will visit our Admiralty Beach property and - we hope - sign the final papers so I can call myself Don Miguel de Tenacatita and start planning on building a casita.

A colleague who teaches about Spanish culture told me that the title Don is the lowest of nobility rank and is generally believed to have come into use during Moor's occupation of Spain (nearly 800 years). The native Spaniards needed lots of knights for their armies and so they started handing out the title Don to anyone who would pick up a sword.

Unfortunately, in today's vernacular, it's generally reserved for people who are, well, old, and not really swashbucklers. I'll do what I can to fight that image.

don quixote
Don Quixote, the famous Don of Cervantes

In the meantime, earlier this week I created a sister blog to From Where I Sit - yet another a way of avoiding the stories and papers and long list of chores I need to do: The Tenacatita Bay Bugle.
  • Tenacatita Bay Bugle
  • Look to it for our adventures posted there (and here) starting a week from Friday when we will be in La Manzanilla with the Lamonts and Sabbatical Chief Engineer Scott Noble and his attorney (and spouse) Jennifer.

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