Saturday, March 24, 2007

Return to Tenacatita -an Admiralty Beach sequel

A MANZANILLA, Jalisco, Mexico
- The drive from Puerto Vallarta to La Manzanilla was uneventful, except for the normal sorts of things that happen when you pack four adults, luggage, snorkel gear and groceries into a car that was built for young midgets.

The car we rented is a called a Tsuru, probably the most commonly used vehicle for taxis in this part of Mexico.

Mighty Tsuru
Mighty Tsuru
If you ever wondered what the Singer Sewing Machine Company does with used sewing machine motors, look under the hood of a Tsuru. There were a lot of strange noises coming out from under the hood whenever it downshifted, and the high-pitched whine of the engine would probably drive a dog to distraction. We just talked louder.

Still the little Hoover got us here pretty quickly and now we are safely ensconsed at Santana's for the week with snorkeling on tap for today at a place called the Aquarium, a reef out in Tenacatita - about 250 yards across the road from our property there.

We did find time late in the day of our arrival to practice a little music in anticipation of 'open microphone' night across the street at Palapa Joe's Restaurant. We're not sure if we are ready for a public debut yet, but after hearing that Jane Gorby - who handles the rentals here - is going to do a comedy routine, we're screwing up our courage to do a couple of songs.

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