Sunday, March 18, 2007

St. Patrick's Day is when everyone wants to be Irish

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - By all accounts, the San Francisco St. Patrick's Day festivities were grand. The San Francisco Chronicle ran a great spread on the downtown parade, featuring photos of a happy crowd and even a dog dyed green for the day.

Green dog celebrates St. Patrick's Day
Even the dogs were in the spirit.

It was a quiet St. Pat's around my house, where a week's worth of work has to be done in just a few days so I can leave guilt free for Mexico and Tenacatita Bay on spring break from the University. Of course, even if there's a little residual guilt, I'm going anyway.

We have University Trustees coming to campus, a general faculty meeting about a budget deficit that threatens classes and a strike vote all this coming week. No sweat.

Just a year ago, we celebrated St. Patrick's Day in San Francisco while taking a cruise around the bay aboard Sabbatical with Ruth Bills from Hector, N.Y. aboard as crew. We docked at South Beach Harbor and spent the day in the city, going out for St. Pat's in the evening.

I believe we were back aboard the ship by what's known as 'cruisers' midnight' - 9 p.m.

Ruth gave me a great T-shirt to wear last year, which I will wear proudly for many years to come every St. Pat's.

Irish Yoga T-shirt logo
Irish Yoga T-Shirt

The 'to-do' list calls if I am going to catch that flight to Mexico at the end of the week.

Admiralty Beach, I am on my way.

Admiralty Beach Canadian tour
Admiralty Beach

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