Monday, March 26, 2007

House or pool? Bedrooms or hammocks?

ENACATITA, Jalisco, Mexico
- The problem with all the beautiful homes here is, well, the problem is all the beautiful homes.

My feet are sore from walking to look at this adobe house and then this steel frame place and the latest - though I wimped out and let the Admiral do the walk - is a house with a pool right at the edge of the seawall.

Poolside at Tenacatita Bay
Poolside palapa on Tenacatita Bay

It doesn't help that we have hooked up with a local fellow who is a construction whiz who knows everyone who builds everything and already has built homes - and pools - that are soooo gorgeous.

So, you are thinking (as I was at first) why a pool when the ocean is so near?

Answer: Fresh water & no critters.

Is that Ray in the water?
Slow-moving sting ray

As I was kayaking yesterday I cruised through a small patch of jellyfish that would have made me quite uncomfortable, had I been swimming. They don't come in to the beach that often, but they probably know when it is hotter than hell and you are dying for a cool dip.

Admiral Fox scans the beach
Admiral Fox scans for more houses to view

Today's excursion is likely to be unrelated to getting more sunshine. The kayaking, compounded with a slight overcast, led me to believe I didn't need that much sunscreen yesterday.

I believe I was quite wrong about that, though this morning the red has faded appreciably and perhaps a short kayak trip could be in order. Or at least a walk on the beach to shoot some scenic photos.

Walkin' on the beach
Citizens of the beach

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