Tuesday, March 27, 2007

New homes and anchorages and roosters on guard

OCA DE IGUANAS, Jalisco, Mexico
- We did a short road tour around the area today, including trip to an area called Boca de Iguanas, where tomorrow we hope to get a tour of some eco-friendly housing being built there. Despite my best efforts - and flashing a Reuters business card - the security guard kept telling us the site was private and it didn't matter who I worked for or why I wanted in.

Right near his post was a small flock of roosters who were equally insistent about not letting strangers past into their little corner of the beach. They weren't impressed with my Reuters' credentials either.

Guard roosters
Back off, gringos...

We also checked out some houses along the beach, one that Admiral Fox had already seen and taken some photos of, others with neat gates and walls and ornamentation. There are some modest casas under construction but most look like the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

The beach house with the infinity pool had arguably the most classy front gate I have ever seen. We are wondering how much such a monster could cost.

One idea for a house gate
One idea for an entrance

Pat & Sylvia at the pool
Sylvia and Pat at poolside

We also visited the Tenacatita Bay anchorage where cruisers anchor for extended periods, spotting a boat we have travelled with many times, Ladera Star. Already the anchorage is starting to clear out as boats make their way north to Mazatlan and across to the Sea of Cortez for the summer.

The tiny palapa where we spent many hours over the year has gone upscale, with new bathrooms and even an outdoor shower.

Civilization comes to Tenacatita Bay.

Ladera Star at anchor
Ladera Star at anchor in Tenacatita Bay

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